Dream a dream


Completed Ruby Tailed Wasp cat and a quick sketch of a Molly face as my hand is still sore.

Wasp Cat update and my hand started to act up while working on the Air Deity so is very rushed.

Todays update is throwing colour round and hoping for the best tidied rough/pre rough.

The weekly doodles and a Wasp Cat update. Gonna rejig the texture work some when less exhausted.

Chiri with friends and I got unhappy and tossed out the so far work on Alida.

Books you may or may not know exist - 19

This weeks book is up, it is the RSPB Nature Reserves from the 80s :)

Casper the owl and Japanshin's moth person!

Too stiff to art. Wasp Cat early colour and Xavier.

Rough for Chafer/Beetle Cat and the finished reference for Skye! I finally have one aaah.

Dragonfly/Chaser Cat sketch and Bumble Cat has now been corrected! Today was awful for getting art done.

Louse Cat enters the fray! And an update on the Skye ref.

Last of the heads done! And the weekly doodles.