Dream a dream

Slowly plodding along.

Slowly plodding along.

Update on Banter and a doodle.

Time ran away with me considerably but I got a little done.

Rose Chafer Beetle Cat and a strange thing.

Four Spotted Chaser cat and another David thing.

Weekly doodles and some David. That David. What other David would it be? Digital will be back tomorrow!

Books you may or may not know exist - 22

This weeks book is Diana Wynne Jones - The Magicians of Caprona :)

Daily doodles were a bit more normal yesterday, probably as I got a non exploded tablet.

These doodles were done before the fantastic news overnight so please bear in mind.

New tablet! Will be back on digital come Monday.

May there be a small glimmer in this rot even if it is a little uncertain too.

The first one is blatantly influenced by neogeen ‘s stream yesterday but till a fully working tablet with actual pressure, moar biro few minute doodles.

I might be getting a new second hand tablet to replace my dead one end of this week aaaaah. Till then, doodles.