Dream a dream


Rough for Chafer/Beetle Cat and the finished reference for Skye! I finally have one aaah.

Dragonfly/Chaser Cat sketch and Bumble Cat has now been corrected! Today was awful for getting art done.

Louse Cat enters the fray! And an update on the Skye ref.

Last of the heads done! And the weekly doodles.

Another head done and this is how Louse Cat is looking so far.

Books you may or may not know exist - 18

This week it is the book to go with the BBC series Nature’s great Events!

Would be nice if Tumblr didn’t stretch it but another BattleBlock head of Detective Skye annnd Fanart Friday for Faustischen! My tiredness is showing.

A BattleBlock Chedder head and finished Butterfly Cat!

Update for Skye and dithering quite a bit with if I’m happy with the Butter Cat wing or not.

Feeling pretty shot today so very slow progress on both. How do you butterfly wing anyway??

My backgrounds start so rough n messy. Nasuka update and started to colour the Butter Cat.

This weeks doodles and a scribble of Vera with the nameless Magician with Wanderer who is a bit too big on the right there WHOOPS.